Esmi Skin Minerals Case Study: The power of brand advocacy

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Esmi Skin Minerals has managed to take the beauty industry by storm in a short period time. By leveraging the power of brand advocacy and staying true to its ethical ethos, the business has swiftly moved from humble beginnings to being ranked number four on the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 list in 2020.

Founded by Evette Hess in 2017, Esmi Skin Minerals is an Australian made and owned skincare and cosmetic brand. It is known for being cruelty-free, vegan and 100% ethically sourced. The brand focuses on creating high-quality skincare products that are locally manufactured using mineral ingredients. It is obvious from its meteoric rise that Esmi Skin Minerals has managed to balance an ethical business model with clever advocacy marketing to make a successful brand.

This case study examines how EsmiSkin Minerals has leveraged the power of brand advocacy to create a loyal customer base:

Brand advocacy and influencer marketing

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There is no doubt that content creation can be an excellent way to build an engaged audience and grow brand trust. One of the most effective digital content strategies is brand advocacy. By engaging with brand advocates and influencers a business can promote products and generate leads in a way that feels authentic. In The State of Influencer Marketing 2020: Benchmark Report it was reported that an impressive 91% of respondents believe influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing.

Queensland brand agency Stead Lane worked with Esmi Skin Minerals to grow online revenue by 80 times in less than four years. Furthermore, the business has achieved 25% average month-on-month revenue growth over the past three years. Many people would have first encountered the brand on Instagram where an array of influencers and advocates share reviews, posts and experiences. The advocates range from recognisable influencers and media personalities, to micro-influencers and average people with humble followings.

One notable brand advocate is Australian tennis star Ash Barty who recently announced a partnership with Esmi Skin Minerals brand during the 2021 Australian Open. This is an example of how strategic advocacy can translate to unprecedented exposure.

Integrated ad features in YouTube videos โ€“ like Esmi Skin Minerals has done with popular Australian wellness YouTuber Sarahโ€™s Day โ€“ are another way to reach large audiences. On the other end of the spectrum, Esmi Skin Minerals is also building its owned YouTube channel with user-generated content (UGC) from real people.

Esmi Skin Minerals has continues to publish dynamic content across platforms by using a broad but well curated range of ambassadors. The strategic use of brand advocates has effectively grown a loyal audience and resulted in revenue and rapid brand growth.

Incentivising consumers with rewards

As we all know, it is more profitable to retain existing customers than chase new ones. An effective loyalty program can be a very impactful way to make sales and grow a business. In fact, 57% of consumers spend more on brands to which they are loyal and 70% say they are more likely to recommend brand with good loyalty programs.

Esmi Skin Minerals has a rewards program that incentivises its customers to continue shopping with them. This very clever points-based loyalty system encourages shoppers to create a free account. It then rewards members with one point for every $1 spent. Members receive additional points when they follow on social media or review products.

In essence, this strategic program allows Esmi Skin Minerals to have access to customer data, make more sales and grow its brand exponentially through reviews and social media posts. The rewards program is clearly very effective with the brand stating that returning customers make up 70% of total sales. By incentivising customer loyalty, Esmi Skin Minerals has built its brand following considerably over the years.


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Roy Morgan research says that over 5.3 million Australian women purchase cosmetics in an average six months. This growing market is increasingly turning to online options to purchase their cosmetics and skincare products. A-Beauty has exploded globally among conscious consumers.

The vibrant local beauty industry represents a great opportunity for businesses to be both ethical and profitable. The balance between great business and great values has never been more attainable. Esmi Skin Minerals is a best-in-class example of how an ethical Australian business can tap into brand advocacy and customer loyalty to great effect.

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