Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

The fashion industry is categorised by trends and transformation. We have seen it all over the years. From tailored suits to bellbottoms, shoulder pads to velour tracksuits and tiny sunglasses. One of the only constants of fashion is change. But when an entire industry built on change, there are consequences. Over time, mass manufacturing and […]

Patagonia Case Study: How to drive profit with purpose

Patagonia: How to drive profit with purpose

“We’re in business to save our home planet.” – Patagonia Mission Statement When it comes to environmentally responsible brands, it is impossible to look past Patagonia. The US retailer is known for its outdoor and adventure apparel and its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Patagonia is an industry leader that has embedded preservation of the environment […]

What brands did sustainability right in 2020?

What brands did sustainability right in 2020

2020 has been a year of challenges for business. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed consumer behaviour, disrupted global supply chains and impacted the economy. The pandemic has caused people and brands alike to reconsider how we live our lives. Some brands have risen to the challenge by leaning into social and environmental movements and […]

How to Choose Conscious Presents this Christmas!

choose conscious presents this Christmas

When we think of Christmas it is difficult not to think of shiny presents underneath a glittering tree. The commercialisation of Christmas means that we are encouraged to spend, spend, spend. We equate showing our love and generosity with buying extravagant presents. Many people feel pressured to spend more than they can afford and exhaust […]

The Best Things in Life are Sustainable and Simple!

What are the Key Steps towards Ethical Fashion?   The fashion industry is founded on a revolving door of trends that encourages people to consistently update their wardrobes in order to stay relevant. For brands, this has meant needing to churn out trends at record speeds to meet the cardinal consumer demand — fast and […]

Why You Should Do a Supply Chain Audit?

We are living in an era of cancel culture, where consumers, emboldened by the power of their keyboards, will fearlessly call-out those whose actions and ethics are not deemed ‘problematic’. Brands are not immune to this cultural shift in power dynamics; in fact, brands are directly in the firing line. Now, potentially more than ever, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Green Economies in 2020

  Investing in environmental policies is an opportunity to fundamentally address some of the issues that face our planet and future of generations to come. Humanity is at the brink of some major environmental challenges, including climate change, air and water pollution, systematic inequality, loss of biodiversity, and more. The way that we have been […]

How can Circular Economy Build an Ethical Supply Chain?

Our environment will soon be stressed beyond capacity. Almost 10 billion people will be living on Earth by 2050. Global GDP is set to quadruple. Every resource we use is borrowed from future generations. Based on current consumption patterns, we will soon need three times the amount of natural resources. That means three more planets. […]

4 Steps to Becoming a More Ethical Brand

“Better than just good publicity, being ethical allows companies and corporations to systematically re-shape the world that we live in for the better.” The term ‘ethical business’ is thrown around a lot in modern society, but can any brand ever truly be ethical in a consumerist world? Increasingly brands are feeling the pressure to be […]