The Environmental Impact of the Fashion Industry

Environmental Impact Fashion

A parcel arrives with a new garment you ordered online for a wedding but never wear and eventually throw away with tags on. You decide it’s cheaper to buy a new pair of boots instead of repairing a small hole. You impulsively buy a trend piece from Instagram that you ultimately decide does not suit […]

What brands did sustainability right in 2020?

What brands did sustainability right in 2020

2020 has been a year of challenges for business. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed consumer behaviour, disrupted global supply chains and impacted the economy. The pandemic has caused people and brands alike to reconsider how we live our lives. Some brands have risen to the challenge by leaning into social and environmental movements and […]

Why You Need to Transform Your Brand with Ethics

What brands did sustainability right in 2020

The world has changed. After a year of intense unpredictability, brands are looking toward the horizon with a mixture of anticipation and fear. The extreme impact of COVID-19 is still unfolding. The pandemic has exacerbated tenuous supply chains and recession has loomed over businesses and the economy at large. Brands have been forced to be […]

10 Nonprofit Organisations that You Would love to Support!

  A nonprofit organisation (NPO), not-for-profit organisation, or nonprofit institution, is an organisation traditionally dedicated to furthering a particular social or environmental cause by improving human and environmental well-being. Thanks to the combination of strong community relationships and intimate local knowledge, these kinds of organisations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing […]