Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

The fashion industry is categorised by trends and transformation. We have seen it all over the years. From tailored suits to bellbottoms, shoulder pads to velour tracksuits and tiny sunglasses. One of the only constants of fashion is change. But when an entire industry built on change, there are consequences. Over time, mass manufacturing and […]

The Environmental Impact of the Fashion Industry

Environmental Impact Fashion

A parcel arrives with a new garment you ordered online for a wedding but never wear and eventually throw away with tags on. You decide it’s cheaper to buy a new pair of boots instead of repairing a small hole. You impulsively buy a trend piece from Instagram that you ultimately decide does not suit […]

The Best Things in Life are Sustainable and Simple!

What are the Key Steps towards Ethical Fashion?   The fashion industry is founded on a revolving door of trends that encourages people to consistently update their wardrobes in order to stay relevant. For brands, this has meant needing to churn out trends at record speeds to meet the cardinal consumer demand — fast and […]

Modern Slavery: How Well Do You Know Your Supply Chain?

 Modern slavery is a broad term that encompasses slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking. Distressingly, it is prevalent across the globe, as complex global supply chains make it extremely challenging to trace the provenance of components, and the conditions they were manufactured in. According to the most recent estimates from the Global […]

7 Australian Jewellery Brands that Care about Ethics!

  Natalie Marie Jewellery The term ethical refers to products that are traded in ways that avoid any social, environmental, or economic harm. When your product is ethically made, it means that: It uses materials you can trace back to the source, to ensure they’ve been produced in an ethical way. It is made from […]

What exactly is Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery and Why Should We Care

  Humans have held a fascination with gemstones, jewels and adornments for thousands of years. From ancient and indigenous cultures through to the multi-billion dollar industry that modern consumers recognise today, humankind have used jewellery as markers of rank, status and wealth and symbols of cultural, beauty and identity. But behind the glitter and alluring […]