5 Easy Steps to Create an Ambassador Program for your Brand!

Ambassador program Ytao

Integrating an ambassador program into your strategy can be game changing for brands. We’ve written about how brand advocacy can help promote your business – it’s no secret that brand ambassadors are a proven way to spread your brands message, start conversations and build a highly engaged audience. Brands have everything to gain from working with […]

Micro-ambassadors vs. Macro-ambassadors — Which one is right for your Brand?

Brand advocate marketing is a well-established form of promotion that connects brands with real people who share content online to their engaged audiences and networks. An advocate elevates a product or brand by reviewing, recommending or supporting it in the form of social media posts and authentic content. An advocate is effective because they are genuinely […]

3 Ways to Create Authentic Content!

A regular woman is asked to describe her appearance in detail. A curtain separates her from a man with a drafting board who meticulously begins to sketch her features from her oral description alone. She leaves. A new person enters the room and is asked to describe that same woman and the man then sketches […]

How Brand Advocacy can help Promote your Business

  Understanding the decision-making process for consumers is key to creating effective marketing campaigns. Consumer behaviour takes into consideration the psychological motivation to buy as well as the social, personal, and cultural factors that influence people’s behaviours. Successful marketing campaigns are able to instil this knowledge into tailored campaigns that drive real results. Beyond simply […]

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Build Relationships with Conscious Consumers

Now more than ever people are wide awake to the devastating effects of climate change. Public concern is growing year on year as instances of extreme weather and natural disasters make global warming an observable reality. Every day our newsfeed is filled with social and environmental movements as people push back on the impacts that […]