Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

The fashion industry is categorised by trends and transformation. We have seen it all over the years. From tailored suits to bellbottoms, shoulder pads to velour tracksuits and tiny sunglasses. One of the only constants of fashion is change. But when an entire industry built on change, there are consequences. Over time, mass manufacturing and […]

Esmi Skin Minerals Case Study: The power of brand advocacy

Esmi Skin Minerals has managed to take the beauty industry by storm in a short period time. By leveraging the power of brand advocacy and staying true to its ethical ethos, the business has swiftly moved from humble beginnings to being ranked number four on the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 list in 2020. Founded […]

Patagonia Case Study: How to drive profit with purpose

Patagonia: How to drive profit with purpose

“We’re in business to save our home planet.” – Patagonia Mission Statement When it comes to environmentally responsible brands, it is impossible to look past Patagonia. The US retailer is known for its outdoor and adventure apparel and its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Patagonia is an industry leader that has embedded preservation of the environment […]

Why is Transparency important for my brand?

Why is Transparency important for my brand?

“A brand is simply trust.”  — Steve Jobs   The definition for brand success has fundamentally changed. Once, businesses were focused on the acquisition of new customers and growth was measured solely by dollars. It is now widely understood that customer retention is a far more profitable strategy. Research from Bain & Company says increasing […]

Insourcing Content vs. Outsourcing Content: Which one is better for my brand?

Consuming content has become an ingrained habit in our daily lives. Barely a moment goes by that we are not scrolling through social media, reading a blog post, listening to a podcast, glancing at an image or giggling at a video. Content consumption soared during the coronavirus pandemic and the average person now reportedly spends […]

Why is content creation important for my business?

Why is content creation important for business?

In 1996 business magnate and technologist Bill Gates penned an essay titled ‘Content is King’. The essay was published on the Microsoft website. It aptly predicted that content would become central to the future world of the internet. Gates understood that content was, and is, a very important commodity. It can entertain, educate and make […]

What brands did sustainability right in 2020?

What brands did sustainability right in 2020

2020 has been a year of challenges for business. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed consumer behaviour, disrupted global supply chains and impacted the economy. The pandemic has caused people and brands alike to reconsider how we live our lives. Some brands have risen to the challenge by leaning into social and environmental movements and […]

Why You Need to Transform Your Brand with Ethics

What brands did sustainability right in 2020

The world has changed. After a year of intense unpredictability, brands are looking toward the horizon with a mixture of anticipation and fear. The extreme impact of COVID-19 is still unfolding. The pandemic has exacerbated tenuous supply chains and recession has loomed over businesses and the economy at large. Brands have been forced to be […]

How transparency builds trust for consumers

Transparency Builds Trust

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche   We live in an era of mistrust. Fake news runs rampant and misinformation spreads on social media like wildfire. Consumers are understandably weary about everything from data breaches to how products are made. Because […]

5 Easy Steps to Create an Ambassador Program for your Brand!

Ambassador program Ytao

Integrating an ambassador program into your strategy can be game changing for brands. We’ve written about how brand advocacy can help promote your business – it’s no secret that brand ambassadors are a proven way to spread your brands message, start conversations and build a highly engaged audience. Brands have everything to gain from working with […]

The Best Things in Life are Sustainable and Simple!

What are the Key Steps towards Ethical Fashion?   The fashion industry is founded on a revolving door of trends that encourages people to consistently update their wardrobes in order to stay relevant. For brands, this has meant needing to churn out trends at record speeds to meet the cardinal consumer demand — fast and […]

Micro-ambassadors vs. Macro-ambassadors — Which one is right for your Brand?

Brand advocate marketing is a well-established form of promotion that connects brands with real people who share content online to their engaged audiences and networks. An advocate elevates a product or brand by reviewing, recommending or supporting it in the form of social media posts and authentic content. An advocate is effective because they are genuinely […]

Why You Should Do a Supply Chain Audit?

We are living in an era of cancel culture, where consumers, emboldened by the power of their keyboards, will fearlessly call-out those whose actions and ethics are not deemed ‘problematic’. Brands are not immune to this cultural shift in power dynamics; in fact, brands are directly in the firing line. Now, potentially more than ever, […]

Modern Slavery: How Well Do You Know Your Supply Chain?

 Modern slavery is a broad term that encompasses slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking. Distressingly, it is prevalent across the globe, as complex global supply chains make it extremely challenging to trace the provenance of components, and the conditions they were manufactured in. According to the most recent estimates from the Global […]

3 Ways to Create Authentic Content!

A regular woman is asked to describe her appearance in detail. A curtain separates her from a man with a drafting board who meticulously begins to sketch her features from her oral description alone. She leaves. A new person enters the room and is asked to describe that same woman and the man then sketches […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Green Economies in 2020

  Investing in environmental policies is an opportunity to fundamentally address some of the issues that face our planet and future of generations to come. Humanity is at the brink of some major environmental challenges, including climate change, air and water pollution, systematic inequality, loss of biodiversity, and more. The way that we have been […]

4 Ways Technology Can Help you Build Brand Trust

  Brand trust is a key differentiator for many thriving businesses. In today’s society consumers are overwhelmed with choices and competition across all categories is fierce. In an increasingly cluttered marketplace trust isn’t just nice to have, it has become a key strategic asset for brands. If a customer trusts your brand they are more […]

How Brand Advocacy can help Promote your Business

  Understanding the decision-making process for consumers is key to creating effective marketing campaigns. Consumer behaviour takes into consideration the psychological motivation to buy as well as the social, personal, and cultural factors that influence people’s behaviours. Successful marketing campaigns are able to instil this knowledge into tailored campaigns that drive real results. Beyond simply […]

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Build Relationships with Conscious Consumers

Now more than ever people are wide awake to the devastating effects of climate change. Public concern is growing year on year as instances of extreme weather and natural disasters make global warming an observable reality. Every day our newsfeed is filled with social and environmental movements as people push back on the impacts that […]

How can Circular Economy Build an Ethical Supply Chain?

Our environment will soon be stressed beyond capacity. Almost 10 billion people will be living on Earth by 2050. Global GDP is set to quadruple. Every resource we use is borrowed from future generations. Based on current consumption patterns, we will soon need three times the amount of natural resources. That means three more planets. […]

3 Steps to Develop an Ethical Growth Strategy for your Brand!

  Are you managing your supply chain effectively, to maximise your business growth? Proficient and efficient supply chain management is fundamental to the success of almost any organisation; impacting productivity, employee’s motivation and customer loyalty. A well-designed, transparent supply chain strategy should be developed in line with your overall business strategy, in order to achieve commercial […]

How to Power Brand Transparency Through Technology

  As most of us are aware, one of the biggest challenges of our generation is how we manage limited resources for a growing human population, to prevent the destruction of the environment. Awareness is on the rise; it is clear that we cannot continue to consume unsustainable products at the current rate. More and […]

4 Steps to Becoming a More Ethical Brand

“Better than just good publicity, being ethical allows companies and corporations to systematically re-shape the world that we live in for the better.” The term ‘ethical business’ is thrown around a lot in modern society, but can any brand ever truly be ethical in a consumerist world? Increasingly brands are feeling the pressure to be […]

How ethical is your supply chain?

  What lies behind the curtain of your supply chain? When Dorothy returns to the Wizard of Oz after melting the Wicked Witch of the West, she is surprised to find that the man is not an almighty and powerful Wizard, but simply a man behind a curtain. Just before she exposes him, he yells one […]

5 Easy Steps to do a Supply Chain Audit

What are the supply chain audit procedures? “An audit can provide an aerial view of a supply chain, allowing a company to evaluate systems and processes and identify areas of growth that they could not see before — ultimately driving brand health and success.” A well-managed supply chain can allow a business to gain a competitive advantage […]