Our approach

Ytao enables human potential, through technology to build super-powered, happy teams.


Process and workflow automation is a powerful tool that keeps your Company running smoothly. We are a unique provider that takes a holistic consultative approach to your Business. We take the time to understand your business from the individuals perspective so that each employee can deliver the highest standard of work in less time.

Our services include:

  • Board / Executive Advisory
  • Salesforce consulting, development & support
  • ERP solutions, implementation and support
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Custom Application Integration

Your industry is being actively disrupted.

To stay ahead of the competition you need to focus on continual innovation. If you don’t embrace new ways of running your business then it is likely that you will watch competitors take over entire industries while “waiting to see what happens”. Proactive business strategy, precise planning, Business Automation and creation of long term enduring value are critical.

Our Process = Measurable Results


We love to talk, in this workshop we discuss your objectives in more detail, understand strengths, weaknesses, current state of affairs and jointly identify opportunities to automate business processes.


Once we’ve got to know each other, based on our workshop, we work in a highly consultative way with your teams to plan: internal, external and innovation audits to measure core areas of potential improvement, systems automation, broader market engagement and related innovation projects.


With Planning complete, we move into the fun part! Project manage implementation of RFP processes, custom development, systems, processes and related software to meet Business Automation objectives.


You don’t know what you dont know… Measurement of improvement against the established “Business Pulse” allows for continued refinement of both your business & project objectives.


Training and support of systems are critical to long term success. As old staff move on and new people move in they will need continuity of business processes. Karroo is here with you all the way to assist with training and ongoing support of all systems.

“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong”

Transformational Business Automation – Innovate or…..

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Phone: +61 2 9199 0656

We are working to become a Carbon Neutral business. For every invoice that we generate dispersement will be invested into planting 10 trees in rural Australia. This is the equivalent to offsetting up to 1T of Carbon Emmisions.

Thank you for helping us plant some trees!

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