We help enable happy teams, simplify business processes and build unique I.P.

Your biggest asset will always be your team, how are you investing into their success?

Talk to us because…

  1. We measure success through your teams happiness;
  2. We help to enable every stakeholder in your business;
  3. We take the time to understand your team culture so that each individual can deliver the highest standard of work in less time;
  4. We love discussing your strategy so that our solutions enhance unique Intellectual Property (IP) and enduring value;
  5. We need your help to create a more transparent, sustainable future.


Our Services include:

  • Board / Executive Advisory
  • Salesforce consulting, development & support
  • CRM & ERP solutions, implementation and support
  • Asset related traceability and provenance
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Custom Application Integration


We work with:

  • Companies across Australia and New Zealand with teams larger than 10 Permanent staff
  • Product manufacturing businesses
  • Product distribution businesses
  • Supply chain related businesses
  • Field Service based businesses
  • Product brands relating to: Industrial, Consumer Goods, Primary industry, Recycling / lifecycle and Fashion/Apparel

YTao Core Values

Our Engagement Process


We understand your challenges, requirements and growth trajectory. Armed with this information we match fit-for-purpose solutions that not only meet immediate operational objectives, but also long term strategy execution.


Once we have identified the best solution, we identify whats most important, what will drive immediate growth and help with challenges in the business. We map out the project plan and investment requirements.


We work solutions that are designed to meet your exact business needs. Our team provides advanced customisations & related development to integrate systems and tools that you need.


You don’t know what you dont know… Measurement of improvement against the established “Business Pulse” allows for continued refinement of both your business & project objectives.


Training and support of systems are critical to long term success. As old staff move on and new people move in they will need continuity of business processes.

“20% of your bottom line should be invested into innovation”..

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