A simple way for sustainable fashion brands to tell their story beyond the point of purchase.

We found a problem in retail: +6o% of Consumers in the fashion industry have expressed interest in detailed product origin. However, only 2% of Fashion Brand(s) today are able to provide this detail.

We’re in the era of conscious consumerism, where the consumer is now the activist, social justice warrior, and change agent, holding enormous social and economic power through their buying behaviours and actions. Our solution connects your brand story to products beyond the point of purchase, and provides customers with transparency throughout your supply chain. With our unique technology, we tailor solutions to meet provenance requirements.

our purpose

Over 2 Billion of the worlds population live in poverty and in a $3 Trillion fashion apparel market there are hundreds of millions of people involved in the design and production of our clothes. Our Purpose is to seamlessly connect the global fashion apparel industry to deliver market leading transparency to customers so that we can understand where are clothes are made and by whom.

Through technology innovation we aim to deliver:

  • Transparency and trust to Consumers

  • Advocacy support to leading Fashion Brands

  • Ethical standards and sustainability to Producers

SUPPLY CHAIN REVIEW We do a full Supply Chain Audit with all stakeholders from suppliers to stores to verify certifications.


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